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Mediation Practice Group

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a settlement process in which a neutral, third party divorce mediator meets with you and your spouse, face-to-face, to discuss, negotiate, and resolve any issues pertaining to your divorce or post-divorce matters. The goal is to create a mutually acceptable agreement for both parties.  

In mediation, you and your spouse maintain control of the costs, timing, scheduling of meetings, agenda, options and final outcome. Mediation is generally a much faster and far less emotionally harmful and costly process than litigation—and the results are more satisfying.

What is the Mediator's Role in a Mediation?

Divorce mediators are specially trained facilitators who do not take sides.  The mediator is not a judge or arbitrator and does not make any decisions for you or impose any decisions on you. You and your spouse make all of the decisions for matters that affect you and your future.

Attorney-Mediators can help you resolve property division, financial and support, and parental companionship and decision-making issues.



Mediators do not represent or provide individual legal advice to either party. Some mediators may provide general legal information about how a court might address issues in your case. You and your spouse may choose to retain separate legal counsel for individual advice and filing of documents with the court.   Attorneys may be retained before, during or after the mediation process.  

Your Mediator will help you to:

  1. Narrow the issues to workable size

  2. Discuss the issues in a way that ensures that both of you have an opportunity to be fully heard

  3. Identify and prioritize what is most important to each of you

  4. Explore alternatives and suggest ones you may not have considered 5) reach a mutually acceptable agreement

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

  1. Control. You and your spouse control when the meetings are set, what is discussed and when, and make all the decisions.

  2. Choice. Participation is voluntary. You and your spouse have the right to go forward or either of you could stop mediation at any time.

  3. Staying out of court. Even if you and your spouse are already in court or involved in other negotiation processes, you can stop and try mediation.

  4. Better parenting. You and your spouse can learn to work together on children’s issues.

  5. Cost savings. Mediation fees are shared by the parties and far less costly than going to court.    

Is Mediation the right process for you and your spouse?

  • Successful Mediation requires that you and your spouse demonstrate:

  • Common courtesy

  • Commitment to negotiate in good faith (not guilt or intimidation)

  • Sense of fairness and reason

  • Full financial disclosure when finances are at issue

What is the Mediation Practice Group?

The Mediation Practice Group of the Center for Principled Family Advocacy is comprised of independent, individual attorneys who have special training in helping couples resolve their disputes through mediation.  Our goal is to help couples benefit from the confidential, constructive mediation process for ending their marriages or resolving any outstanding or post-decree issues.  We are committed to meeting regularly to enhance our mediation skills and to strengthen our public outreach activities.  All members of the Mediation Practice Group have completed the requirements set forth by the Ohio State Supreme Court.

Find the Mediator best suited to you and your situation!

Contact the Center listed mediators directly to learn more about their individual training and experience.  Here is how to reach them: 

Re-sort the list below:
- By zip code to find someone close-by
- Alphabetically by last name to find a particular professional

PhotoArthurs, Kaitlyn
Cleveland office

PhotoComet-Epstein, Sharon
Attorney, Mediator
Woodmere office
Eton Tower, 28601 Chagrin Blvd., #240
PhotoDuffy, Sheila A.
Attorney, Mediator
North Olmsted office
29691 Lorain Road
PhotoFifner, Greta
Cleveland office
2672 West 14th Street
PhotoHunt, William H.
Westlake office
24500 Center Ridge Road, Suite 170
PhotoKapusta-Dorogi, Jonetta J.
Cleveland office
635 West Lakeside Avenue, #605
PhotoLastovka, Terri A.
CPA, JD, ASA, Appraiser
Cleveland office
600 E. Granger Road, 2nd Floor
PhotoMalone, Laurie A.
Attorney, Mediator
Brecksville office
8748 Brecksville Road, Suite 130
PhotoReady, John J.
Westlake office
905-A Canterbury Road
PhotoSavren, Joy B.
Attorney, Mediator
Cleveland office
618 Hanna Building
PhotoSeifert, P Lynn
Richfield office
3998 Broadview Rd.
(330) 714-2225


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